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Farmhill Weddings Peterborough Weddings - The Details

Farmhill Weddings Peterborough- Wedding and event space. For all your wedding needs in Peterborough and the Kawarthas


How much?!

Its the magic question, for sure!

We’re so excited to help plan your day with you!
Please get in touch for a detailed pricing guide, and please let us know if you’d like to schedule a tour - we love farm visits!

Our aim is to provide as much of the planning and vendors as we can

We want to make your day easy, stress free and memorable. All of the vendors we recommend, we have personally worked with or vetted thoroughly - they’re bomb, and we know they will work as hard as they can to make sure your day is as flaaawless as you are!

Vendors you’ll still need are,

  • photographer

  • officiant

  • band/dj

  • one of our preferred caterers

  • florist

    Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry! Although we don’t include these vendors in our package, we can still recommend our favourites, to help narrow down your search.




They make people happy, really - they do! And they can take any space and make it POP! We’re in the works of partnering with a farmer/florist to provide all of your florals with blooms grown right here on Millen+Smith Acres … While the garden is growing, please get in touch for a list of local florists that are incredible at what they do! ( and who use flowers grown locally to PTBO and Ontario :) )



It’s no secret that people like to let LOOSE at weddings and we want you to have the coolest party, and the MOST fun. But we also want to ensure you have a safe ride home. So, because we’re hella thoughtful like that, we’ve partnered with the awesome team at Ultimate Limousine to provide a chic, white (school) bus to be your ‘uber’ for the day.


Cocktail Hour - reinvented

Remember those alpacas we chatted about?! Well they’re jazzed about cocktail hour and want to show your guests a realllllll good time. If you’ve been to a wedding before, think about cocktail hour - its either super boring, or you and your pals get bombed waiting for the couple to come back from taking portraits. While we want you to indulge (responsibly) we also want to give your guests something to do (and *hopefully* something to talk about for years to come) and being that we’re a working farm, we thought “hellllllo, animal cocktail hour” Enjoy a bev in our paddocks hanging with lambs, horses, piggies or alpacas - give them a snuggle and take ALL the selfies you can. Our handlers will be there every step of the way ensuring a safe, informative and fun experience!


Local Bevs

Im sure you’ve picked up on what we’ve been putting down in terms of our local lovin. So keeping with that theme we only stock our bars with local beer, wine and spirits.
Beer - a selection from our local breweries and other fave Ontario craft beers. Want something special, let us know and we’ll make it happen. And don’t worry, not a craft fan? or worried about ‘dem ole boys’ in the fam - we’ll stock bud, coors and canadian too!
Wine - Rolling Grape - Our house red and white will be from their ‘farmhouse’ collection, its super yummy and easy drinking.
Spirits - Blacks Distillery - grown in Douro and distilled right here in PTBO!