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Farmhill Policies

The Short Version

1. Follow the rules- No smoking outside of designated area - seriously, fires aren’t fun ... make sure you don’t start one.

- No drinking outside of designated area

- NO DRINKING AND DRIVING - Don’t be dumb! Use the shuttle or call a cab! - Music is off by 12 - You don’t have to go home, but ya can’t stay here - aka all yo’ guests need to clear out by midnight. - All cars and decor need to be cleared out by 10 am next day (we encourage your besties to throw the decor you want into boxes night of - your hangover will thank you. )

2. Don’t be a dick - I feel like this mantra should be adapted in all areas of life - but especially for your vendors, on your wedding day ... everyone’s working hard to ensure your day is perfect, give them a holla and RESPECT always xo

3. You don’t live here, but we do ... see #2. Please ensure your MC is reminding guests to be respectful of our property and again, see #1 ... just follow the rules and we’ll be groovy. 

4. Don’t be a deadbeat :) Pay what you’ve agreed to, when you’ve agreed to do it. We want your day to be PERFECT - so lets not get hung up in the housekeeping items like cheque collecting when we’d rather be making sure your party is BUMPIN’.

5. The animals are, well, ANIMALS. Meaning, they can be unpredictable and if you choose for your guests to interact please make sure they follow the direction of the handlers and note - FARMHILL WEDDINGS/ OWNERS MATT & JENN can not be held responsible or liable for injury/slobbery smootches due to interaction with the livestock.



We want everyone to be safe and to have the BEST TIME at your wedding! ( we also want to make sure drunk people don’t get crazy with our animals, or go on any nighttime barn adventures lol) so we’ll have two professional security guards at every event from 9 - midnight.