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Your Wedding at Farmhill Weddings Peterborough, Wedding Venue in Peterborough Ontario.


your wedding day

is one of the MOST exciting days of your life. And guess what?! The hard part is already done, you’ve found your person. At Farmhill, the rest is easy peasy. Through our experience over the last 10 years as wedding photographers, we have developed an amazing eye for detail, the ability to be one step ahead and a knack for throwing a great party. So you know we’ve got mad skills to help curate YOUR wedding day! At Farmhill, our aim is to provide you with the MOST stress free wedding planning experience. From start to finish, we have crafted a really unique, locally focused, timeless experience for you and your guests. Seriously, your wedding is going to be super fun.

Like, guys! we have alpacas AND craft beer (and we’re pretty cool to work with too!)


supporting local is the name of our game!

As a small scale sheep farm, we know the importance of buying food from your local farmer. Not only are you making a difference in your community by supporting the family farm, you’re eating food that tastes better and is WAY better for you. When you get to know your local farmer, you know how your food was grown or raised and that’s super important. You can literally taste the love and care that was given. At Farmhill, we support our local farming community by promoting caterers who source their veggies and meat from our direct neighbors in the farming community. We also LOVE to promote our local wineries, and brewmasters. Our bar is fully stocked with Ontario craft beers and spirits, most of which are actually located in - you guessed it … PTBO. Community is our JAM folks. And we hope to help you create the coolest, yummiest farm to table experience you and your guests will ever have!


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