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Rolling Grape Vineyard

We’re so lucky to have this gem of a business in our backyard - literally, they’re in Bailieboro! Jon and Katie have created a seriously amazing lineup of wine that we are thrilled to be able to offer couples and guests of Farmhill.

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Solid Leather

Jesse creates the most beautifully made belts we have ever seen. Matt owns one and its SO well made, stylish and THE PERFECT FIT! We can’t recommend these enough - and guess what?! They have a casual line, womens line AND A FORMAL LINE = hello, groomsmen gifts?!


We’re certain that you’ll find your perfect meal with one of our preferred caterers. They value local ingredients and are proud to support our vibrant local farming community by crafting menu options that include only farm fresh ingredients.
Go check them out and if you’re in the area - pop by the restaurants for a delish meal!

Two Dishes
Black Honey
Heaven on Seven
BE Catering

Want to meet the farmers responsible for your beautiful food?! Im sure they’d love a little lovin’ for all of their hard work - go check them out on social and give ‘em a follow!

Leahys Stock Farm
Field Sparrow
Sannox Farm
Jason McIntosh
Cedargrove Organic Farm
Foragers Farms
Millen+Smith Acres