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Meet Matt

He is the executor of plans and dreams, he makes sure everyone is on time and is the muscle behind all of Jenn’s ideas. He loves craft beer and scotch and will never say no to a piece of pie. He is literally the hardest working person on the face of the planet and will make sure your day is total perfection. Oh! one more thing, LOOK AT HIS AMAZING HAIR. Need some hair help, he’s always got an elastic to spare ;)

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Meet Jenn

Literally the kindest, warmest, and most energetic person you will meet. She’s a friend to all and she’ll never turn down a glass of vino - or a cupcake. She’s a great party thrower (and goer) and knows how to get everyone on the dance floor, even your grandma! With Jenn around, there is never a dull moment, and she is sure to make your wedding day special, memorable, and the MOST FUN EVER.


It all started when…

This crazy (huge!) idea popped into Jenn’s head. And if you know Jenn, when she gets something in her head and shes got a goal - she’s literally unstoppable. We worked tirelessly over the last year and a half to start the rezoning and permitting process. We worked closely with local officials to become legit, and to get shovel ready. The property was in dire need of some of TLC but it was difficult to decide just WHERE to begin. The animals kind of made that call for us. We were pretty over getting calls at 3 am to say the cows were out, so we started with fencing and worked from there! In most areas of life, we adapt the mantra “teamwork makes the dream work” so we’d like to take a minute (just sit right there cue fresh prince sound track ;)) to introduce our team of contractors who are helping bring this beautiful barn to life. Whippletree Timber Framing along with Red Ladder Construction and C.Brown Contracting + a ton of other businesses who will have lent a helping hand in the end (please feel free to ask about everyone involved, we’re happy to share exactly who did what, when everything is completed)

A little more info - if you’re curious! The original farm and homestead has been in Jenns family since 1953. It started with cash crops “the three sisters” as Uncle Billy recalled - barley, wheat and corn. Then the family soon realized that plowing the hilly fields with the walking plow and horses wasn’t the most ideal farming situation. They soon became a dairy farm and then eventually evolved into raising beef cattle. As Uncle Billy aged, he decided pasturing cattle for a neighbor and caring for his African Geese and Jersey Giant Chickens was more than enough to keep his farmer heart busy. When Matt and Jenn moved to the farm, they quickly threw on their ‘farmer hats’ and dubbed themselves sheep farmers (another of Jenns wild ideas that basically started with her bringing home a lamb on one random day) and they have been learning ever since. A tough man to please Uncle Bill was, but the lamb won him over - and he proudly commented whenever he could that it was “DAMN GOOD LAMB” - and it is ;) If you get married in late May you’ll get to see all the fresh babies running about the fields which is pretty frickin’ adorbs too. Jenn and Matt had been planning the venue with Uncle Bill for the last year and dreaming of it for years before then - We’re so thankful that Bill got to experience the very FIRST Farmhill wedding in the fall and believe it not - it was the FIRST wedding he had ever been to in his life! He thought it was crazy haha.