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Why Us



I know, everyone says their property is gorgeous and breathtaking and yada yada - but like, guys - ours REALLY is! Our venue is perched atop a drumlin, so you get a cool ‘foothills’ vibe. Its surrounded by farm fields and trees, and the sunsets are UNREAL. We’re also TEN MINUTES from PTBO and 5 MINUTES from the end of the 115. Location, location, location.

Owned and Operated by Photographers

After the food is devoured, the decor appreciated and the day is done, your photographs are the only thing you have left from one of the biggest days of you life. SO, why not get married in a space designed with photography in mind. Day or night, the space is going to have your photographers crushing on how beautiful it is, and they’ll be jazzed about the work they can create with you!


Cocktail Hour - But like, way cooler.

Have we mentioned, we have alpacas ?! And lawn games - and the most delish LOCAL LIBATIONS to get your party started ?! Well, we do - and its our goal to recreate this limbo time into something experiential, fun and memorable!

Farm to Table Menu Options

We’re huge champions of local food and knowing who your farmer is. We’ve partnered with 4 local restaurants/caterers who are also passionate about local food and support the PTBO farming community. Not only is their food incredible, its sustainable and grown/raised with care. And we think that’s pretty friggin’ awesome.